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3 Fun Ways to Share Corporate Christmas Cheer


Each year Red Sage tries very hard to go above and beyond when sharing Christmas greetings with our customers and friends. We have learned a lot over the years about how to make our Christmas communication activities more meaningful and, yes, more engaging. Here are some of the things we do that have accomplished our goals of making people smile, getting them involved with our team, and helping give back to our community.

1. Send a more personal company card

Your company Christmas card is the traditional way to reach out and touch those you have done business with over the past year. Go beyond ordering stock cards and make your card more reflective of your company and team. At a minimum, take a team photo for the front cover of the card. We hired a photographer last year to take a picture of Santa (also hired) drinking out of one of our famous Red Sage mugs. I just got a card from a good customer, Magnolia River, who made a homemade card for their company this year which included writing a poem for the inside of the card. Receiving a card that is more personal and truly captures the spirit of a company and its team of people always brings smiles and stands out.

2. Connect meaningfully using social media

There are many ways you can use social media through the holiday season to engage with customers and friends. This year, Mark aimed high when planning our Christmas activities and has organized an extremely personal campaign this year where all of our employees will be sharing personal favorites of Christmas past and present from favorite Christmas carol, to favorite recipe, to favorite toy received as a child and so on. We will be sharing our memories on social media this year, and will be inviting our customers and friends to do the same. The first post went up yesterday and several of our friends have already responded, sharing their personal favorite and why. It is so meaningful to be able to connect with our friends this way and learn more about them even in the midst of all the busy-ness of business! It doesn’t take much time away from business, yet is really bringing a lot of warmth to Red Sage, and hopefully our friends.

3. Give back to your community

We opted early in our company’s history to not give expensive Christmas gifts to our customers, but instead use the money we would have spent on gifts to give to a local charity in their name. If you are in business, you are dependent on the community around you to support your company and help it succeed. If you are a business owner, you are probably like me in feeling grateful beyond words for this support. If your company has had a good year, give back to your community in some way. If you choose to give in the name of your customers, like we do, then get them involved in choosing the charity. Our team members all pick a favorite charity and we then use our Christmas card and social media to invite customers and friends to help us choose which of the charities will get a Christmas donation from Red Sage. It doesn’t cost anything, a simple survey on Facebook will suffice, and it takes just a moment to include instructions in your Christmas card and in social media posts. This gives us one more way to connect with our friends, show the personal side of our team members, and give back to the community we love.

Does your company or one of your customers or vendors do something more personal and unique when sharing Christmas greetings? Please share your stories or anything unique you have seen!


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