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3 Tips for Using Analytics for Your Business


3 tips for using analytics for your business

Have you ever logged into Google Analytics and been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information at your fingertips? Or been given an excel spreadsheet of customer data and not known what to do with it? At Red Sage, we are digging into Data Analytics and what it can mean for our clients. These 3 tips will help you use analytics for your business.

1. Use Google Analytics Academy to really understand how to use Google Analytics.

Then you can dive into your website analytics using Google Analytics to see how people are using your website, what their demographics are, and whether or not they are creating conversions for your business.

2. Start tracking where your customers are coming from.

How did they find you? Have they visited your website? Asking quick, simple questions can mean pivotal data insights for your business. Analytics paired with consumer data equals huge growth potential, according to McKinsey&Company.

3. Calculate your marketing return on investment (ROI).

At Red Sage, we calculate ROI and that allows us to see what is working and what isn’t working for our clients. This in-depth analysis help make marketing campaigns better and make sure marketing dollars are always well-spent. SAS provides a list of business questions that marketing analytics can answer for your organization.

Marketing Analytics combines web data, company data, and marketing campaign data (digital or traditional) to see return on investment. This year, Red Sage is rolling out even more data analytics services that will allow our clients to optimize marketing campaigns, better allocate marketing resources, and prioritize investments. Our data analytics experience is extensive and we are poised to deliver accurate and precise reporting to our clients. Can we help you with your marketing analytics? Email us at

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