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You can ask anyone you meet about the value of social media, and unless they belong in one of those annoying GEICO commercials, they’re going to have an opinion. There are the Negative Nellies who say it’s a waste of time and money. The die-hard fans that can’t go five minutes without saying “I need to Tweet this!” (Guilty as charged during our Christmas card stuffing extravaganza.) And those in between who believe they need to be more active on social media but don’t really know where to start.

I could spend this post telling you why you need to be on social media, but since I’ve already done that, I’ll spare you doing it again.

Instead, I’d like to talk about why we enjoy social media so much. At Red Sage, we love social media and believe it is best used at its most basic premise: building social relationships.

We aren’t looking to make sales off it, though we aren’t in the habit of turning down money if it comes our way. We use social media to interact with our customers, and anyone else we happen to “meet.”

Though it might sound like bragging, we are a fun bunch. We enjoy each other’s company – at least nine working days out of 10. And we like to discover and interact with other fun people. Social media has given us an opportunity to do just that.

Brittny Lynn (@brittnygoran) is just one of those people.

Brittny started following us on Twitter sometime back, and retweeted several of our posts. We started commenting back and forth on various tweets – and on the occasional Facebook post.

Brittny is a college student attending Stephens College in Columbia, MO. She currently serves as Firm Director for Creative Ink (@SCCreativeInk), a student-run marketing firm that works with clients to create marketing, PR and advertising plans.

While we aren’t going to sell Brittny any of our services, we’ve found some interesting articles and opinions through her, and we like to believe the same can be said on her end. Again, it’s about socialization, not sales.

When Brittny announced “#BAMA bound” on Twitter back in mid-November, our first thought was “Hey, that’s our neck of the woods!” Through a couple of messages on Twitter and Facebook, we arranged a meet up. I started the hashtag #allbecauseofsocialmedia to describe the event.

We didn’t do anything earth-shattering during our meeting. We didn’t solve world peace. We didn’t find the cure to cancer. We discussed social media, the amazing opportunity she has had through Creative Ink (Mark and I were both immensely jealous), the holidays and long-distance relationships. We showed her Red Sage World Headquarters and socialized like people used to do – before social media.

Yet, without Twitter, we may have never heard of Brittny Lynn – let alone that she was going to be in Decatur. Our meeting was truly #allbecauseofsocialmedia.

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