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And Then They Tell Two Friends….The Importance of Testimonials and Referrals


One of the first things I do when someone calls me to inquire about our services is ask, “How did you hear about us?” We like to keep track of whether it was our stellar marketing skills or our outstanding networking skills. Advice and tips on both of these skills can be found in prior blogs written by yours truly. Although, I am quite certain that you have already read and memorized all of my blogs. Ahem. I digress.


Sometimes testimonials and referrals are one and the same. So, first things first, as we complete a project, I ask our happy client for a testimonial. Often I send prior testimonials to the client so they have an example to prompt them.

Once you have the testimonial, what do you do with it?

Use it. We put it on our website. We incorporate them into our proposals. We even promote them on our social media outlets. Whatever you do, do NOT let it sit in your inbox!!!! It is not doing you any good if you do not use it. Also, this is an opportunity to provide added value to your client by promoting their company name.


Referrals are another good request to make. Some may ask at the end of a project but I prefer to ask for referrals in my personal and professional networks. I even ask for referrals when I am giving an overview of our services to a company who is not yet a client. Sometimes I simply tell people, “Perhaps you will think of Red Sage should the need arise for you or someone you know.”

Sometimes the two collide and the testimonials become the referral. I have been told that after reading testimonials on our website, prospective clients were prompted to call and inquire about Red Sage.

That being said, it may seem like a small task; but never underestimate the importance of asking for both testimonials and referrals. It may just be your next great collaboration.

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