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At Red Sage, Passion Drives Engagement


Here at Red Sage, we look at business development in a different way. Well, actually, we like to think we look at everything in a different way, but that is beside the point. As a business development associate, I am very sensitive to the fact that while I am in “sales” I do not want to be viewed as just a salesperson or vendor. I prefer to be viewed as a partner.

One way we differentiate ourselves on the business development front is we try to identify and network within organizations and associations that, not only are we passionate about, but also contain potential customers. We tend to lend ourselves to our interests because, quite frankly, it’s fun. If we couple that with potential clients, all the better.

For example, I am very passionate about my community, Huntsville, Alabama. Therefore, I am heavily involved in a nonprofit group, the Downtown Forty Seven, dedicated to promoting the downtown core of Huntsville. Not only, is this a personal interest but this group is made up of some the most talented, successful, and well respected young professionals in Huntsville. Not only are they community leaders today, but they are also the business owners and decision makers of tomorrow.

I am also involved in a mayoral economic development initiative named Energy Huntsville. The purpose of this group is to promote the economic development and workforce diversification of this area. Again, seeing Huntsville grow and succeed is a personal interest. However, the group is made up of the business owners and decision makers of today.

Both of these organizations have provided valuable contacts that have progressed into client relationships without the dreaded “sales pitch” that honestly makes most people uncomfortable. My peers get to know me and my company and when the need arises, perhaps they think of me. My “sales pitch” is often having a cup of coffee (in a Red Sage mug of course) with a friend to learn more about their business and how we can partner together.    

Just the way we like it.


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