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April Fools' Day: Ciao! Red Sage is going international!


This blog post was created in fun for April Fool’s Day.

Our last two SageAdvice posts by Sarah and Guest Blogger Shawn Chenault of F1 Solutions, discussed several tools that make working from a remote location easier. With technology today, we are now able to access our files from anywhere, conduct meetings, share ideas, and collaborate together – almost like we are in the same office.

Ain’t technology grand?

So grand, in fact, that I am thoroughly convinced that where we work is increasingly irrelevant, as long as we have reliable internet access. And therefore, with great enthusiasm, I now announce that Red Sage will be opening up a branch office in Italy!

Those of you who followed my travels through Italy last year will hardly be surprised at this announcement. Though the major reason for this decision is based on the current state of technology, gelato definitely played a major role. And wine. And Porcini mushrooms. And Pasta.

I definitely had an “Under the Tuscan Sun” moment during my trip last October, but only recently was I able to convince Dan that my purchase of a villa in Tuscany while abroad was an astute business decision, and not a moment where I lost my mind. To keep my investment from going to waste, an office has been setup, internet access is established, and henceforth Dan and I will be splitting our time between Italy and Alabama. I’m pretty sure Dan is coming with me, any way…

We will be expanding Red Sage’s business to Italy by focusing on vineyards throughout the country. This, naturally, will require a good bit of travel around the country but will be necessary to truly understand and portray the special qualities of each vineyard. Luckily, with cell coverage, I don’t expect my access to the home office to be affected.

Our main office will stay staffed and responsive as always. If you need to reach me, you will still be able to thanks to email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, DropBox, GoToMeeting, and all of the other tools we use every day. Let me know what kind of wine you like, as I am certain to be picking up samples from all of our vineyard customers and plan on bringing these back regularly.



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