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Couch to 5K Your Professional Goals


Couch to 5K Your Professional Goals

For those that know me, you know that one of my passions is working out. I LOVE it. It is what I do to socialize, to be healthy, to relieve stress, and to have fun. What you may not know is that I did not grow up as an athlete… at all.

There were things that I always wanted to do.

I wanted to get in shape. I always wanted to run a 5k. I wanted to teach a fitness class. I even wanted to participate in one of those crazy mud-run obstacle courses. I always wanted to do these things, I just never took the initiative.

Until about three years ago.

That’s when I started to set goals for myself.

It started with just one goal: make it to the gym three times a week. That is it. Guess what I did?

Eventually, other goals followed, and as I noticed the success in my personal life from setting goals, I began to apply the same mentality to my professional life. I realized that I had to take the initiative to increase my skill set.

I had to step out of my comfort zone in order to excel in business.

One thing that I have always struggled with is public speaking. I always got really nervous. To the point that I did not even like to speak up in a group discussion. With coaching and support from the Dragon Lady herself, Ellen Didier, it has become a part of my business process. It was not easy to begin with, but I did it.  

My advice to you is to train your weaknesses.

That being said, take that one thing that you hate – cold calling, public speaking, presentations, new computer software – and do it. I trained my weakness in the following way:

  • Get a coach – It made all the difference in the world for me, and will for you, too.
  • Research techniques – Find out what others are doing to improve this particular skill.
  • Practice – A lot.
  • Start small – I could easily be overwhelmed, but I started speaking in front of just Dragon Lady. Then I expanded to a group of five, etc.

Oh, and by the way, I ran that 5k. I am now a certified Les Mills Bodypump and CxWorx instructor. I completed the Spartan Sprint Obstacle race which marks my fourth mud run obstacle course. And I was called an athlete by my coach (I was pretty proud of that one).

“This journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”-Lao Tzu


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