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Engaging Tradeshow Designs: Keys to Successful Exhibit Design


Stand Out In The Crowd

Despite the varied objectives for companies attending tradeshows, every company wants their tradeshow booth to stand out from their competition. It takes more than a friendly face and personable staff to capture the attention of passing attendees, which is why a striking tradeshow design is critical to the success of your booth. Here are a few tips to creating a winning tradeshow design:

1. Before Your Begin, Build a Strategic Marketing Plan

Most tradeshow and event marketing campaigns take careful planning with many details to address. It is best to create your tradeshow and event strategy months in advance ­– outline your events in your marketing plan so you can build your pre-event and post-event campaigns effectively. Define clear marketing objectives, whether it’s generating leads, promoting a product, or raising brand awareness to help market your company and build your brand. By planning in advance, you will have time to craft eye-catching design that delivers your marketing messages effectively, through pre-, at-, and post- tradeshow marketing efforts.

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2. Reinforce Your Brand

Your tradeshow exhibit and promotions should reinforce the look and messages you share via your website, brochures, and advertisements. Otherwise, if you contradict your existing brand, you cause confusion, which weakens your brand, rather than building it up.

Remember your brand is more than a logo: it is not just a unique graphic shape and a PMS color.  Your brand is defined by the position you’ve taken in the marketplace, the promise of value you give to customers, and the personality your company has in its interactions with the world. 

Create a brand experience. Take advantage of the immersive environment of your tradeshow by creating an experience that activates your brand in the minds of booth visitors and engages your audience.

Be sure attendees can pick your booth out in a crowd.

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3. Engage your Audience

Since the window of time to capture the attention of the audience is only three seconds, it is essential to choose graphics and images that are intriguing. Use a combination of engaging images and clear, legible typography that will lead attendees to find out more about the company.

Use signage to attract and direct. Attendees have limited time, usually around 3-5 seconds, to take it all in.

Your trade show success is measured either in people enrolled to use your service or products, or by how memorable your company’s tradeshow booth was. If your booth sticks into the mind of an attendee, it would be easier for him to go back to your company to check out your services with more detail. Take a risk and be creative: engage your target audience with an interactive exhibit that’s original and will help you create memory retention in all attendees.

Interactive and engaging technology can be informational for visitors to your booth and engage attendees, as well as boost brand awareness.

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If you need help creating a tradeshow space that will help you stand out in the crowd, give Red Sage a call! We would love to work with you today. 256-560-0098

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