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Guest Blogging Success: Why is It So Important?


Deepak Gupta

As a blogger of any length of time, you’ve probably heard of guest blogging. However, most website owners perceive this as just one more task to add to their ever-increasing list of online marketing projects. Most feel they barely have enough time trying to write their own blog posts, create interest throughout their audiences and drive traffic to their own websites, let alone worry about doing the same on anyone else’s website or blog. Many also ask, “Besides, what is the benefit of doing someone else’s job, right?”

Actually, you should do it, because, placing an article or other information on another website can help your business be more successful. Guest blogging is one of the most important marketing tools you can use as a blogger. It’s fun, and can also bring some serious business to your blog. Read on for 10 ways in which a guest blog post can help your own blog:

1- Authority

Show your expertise to readers on other blogs. When other sites recognize you as being an expert in your field and someone they trust to share information, their readers will also begin to trust you. You build up your credibility when you write in your specialized area – and readers will remember you.

2- Promote

Your Products When you offer relevant information to your industry and write about ways your product can save money, you are not hard selling, but you are creating an interest in the product, or in your service. You are teaching others about its benefits, and suggesting situations or cases where it might be needed. This could be very valuable information to audiences of industry-related blogs.

3- Drive Traffic

One of the biggest benefits of guest blogging is that you generate interest from a whole new audience – their readers – and people who like what you have to say will usually come and visit your blog.

4- Guest Posts Can Appeal to Your Market.

When you choose the blog on which you want to participate, you can attract a greater percentage of your targeted market. So, if you’re trying to reach young students, or young professionals, you’ll want to guest blog on those blogs in which they are most likely to be interested. If you’re blogging on Art topics, you will want to find blogs that are art-related. It’s a very simple process.

5- Offer an Interesting Approach to Your Company Information

You always want to project a generous image online, which may not be easy, especially if consumers already speak negatively about your business. Generosity doesn’t mean you have to go give money away, or participate in non-for profit charity events, although that’s also nice. However, in the online world this generosity means you are taking the time to be generous with your information; it means you are demonstrating your willingness to teach others about your experience and your area of interest, and your business.

6- Increases Social Media Engagement

We all know we have to be more social, post interesting comments and information and let our ‘hair down,’ on the social media platforms. But just how do you do that? What do you plan on Tweeting about, Digging, Facebooking or Pinning? You have to have something that others like and guest posts provide a variety of interesting information, both to users you already engage with and those that are loyal to the blog you are guest posting on.

7- Ghost Writing

Many people may still be thinking that while these are excellent reasons, they still don’t have time to do it. Realize that you don’t actually have to write a guest post yourself, you can have a ghost writer help you write your post. This way, you get the credit and the rewards without the long hours of writing. Besides, a ghost writer may be able to do your guest posts in a fraction of the time it takes you to complete a post.

8- Guest Posts are Reciprocated

Often, when you’re running a blog, you run into writers block, insufficient time and other problems that don’t let you post as frequently as you’d like to. When you guest blog on other people’s blogs, you often receive reciprocal requests; meaning others will want to write for you too.

9- Back-linking Benefits

Let’s not forget that when you guest blog, you get to add links to your website on that website. This gives you a highly effective backlink ̶ one that is used by your readers, but also one that qualifies you for higher ranking on Google.

10- Provides Important Social Networking Opportunities

When you’re active on other people’s blogs, helping them with content and comments, you become better connected with other bloggers. These professionals have a tight social network; they offer tips, tricks and other important tools-of-the-trade information. When you offer to guest blog, you become a part of this “in” group.

Author Bio: Deepak Gupta is a content blogger for a reputable search engine marketing company – TIS India. He is really passionate about blogging and you can read some honest posts from Deepak here.

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