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How to Have a Readable Blog


Tip 1: Focus

Unless you are a celebrity who has a following just because, you will likely need a focus. Having a niche is your best bet for gaining a loyal readership. This doesn’t mean you can’t vary your topics a little, but having an overall focus helps you and your reader. It helps you by providing a roadmap of sorts for your content, or otherwise you may get lost in a sea of never-ending options. It helps your reader because he or she knows what to expect when reading your blog. Examples of niches include: Technology, Fashion, Photography, Food, Travel, Social Media, Decorating, Home Improvement, etc. 

Tip 2: Be Real

This is my absolute, non-negotiable way to have a readable blog: You have to be a real person. The beauty of a blog is not just good content, but that there’s a real person behind it. Do you have a sense of humor? Show it. Do you love cats? Own up. These glimpses into reality are what drive people back to your blog. Many times, even though we are looking at a blog for information or inspiration, we become attached to the personalities that come along with it. Here’s an example: Are you familiar with The Pioneer Woman? Well, then you know she has an interesting ranch lifestyle that she unashamedly shares with her audience. She has a loyal following, not just because she’s a good cook (there are good cooks all over the place); it’s because of who she is. Don’t worry, I am not suggesting you talk about yourself incessantly. A simple and effective way to add a dose of reality to your blog is by providing an “About” page to it (with photos, see below). This allows people to learn a little bit about you and make a connection with you. 

Tip 3: Use Images

My last little nugget of advice is to make your blog visually appealing. I’ll skip over design (though that is important), and go straight to what I believe gives one blog an edge up over others: photos. Oh, you aren’t a professional photographer? I get it. You don’t have to have beautiful photos (unless you have a photography blog), just have something. Snap a few photos that go along with your content. Or grab some stock images if nothing else. These images also help give you appeal on social media outlets, which is a must for gaining readership.

We love these blogging tips from Libby and would like to hear your tips too.  Share your main tips for having a readable blog in the comments section below.

About the Author, Libby Britt

Libby is the Founder of “About Town Decatur,” a blog dedicated entirely to life in her hometown, Decatur, Alabama. Libby is a freelance writer and copy editor, wife, and mom to a 2-year-old son. She spends her free time blogging, gardening, cooking, and trying to stay connected to her friends and family. You can also keep up with Libby on Twitter, at

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