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How to Optimize Your Website for Leads

An optimized website can dramatically increase online leads and sales.

In today’s digital age, your website is the most critically important piece of any marketing strategy.  It’s your company or organization’s interaction point with the world, so it needs to be mobile-ready, with a simple user interface.  It also needs to be optimized for sales and leads.

Too often though, websites fall by the wayside.  Businesses tend to focus on “day-to-day” marketing and sales initiatives instead, because it’s just easier not to deal with web redevelopment projects.  They tend to take a lot of time and resources (if done right.)

A case study (on ourselves)

We see it a lot with our clients here in Huntsville and Decatur, Alabama.  From small businesses to large corporations, there’s a tendency for people to say, “Well, we know our website isn’t great… but it’s just not a priority right now.”

It’s even happened here at Red Sage.  In fall of 2017, we realized our website was no longer reflective of the company’s core capabilities.  It said next to nothing about our expertise in crafting strategic marketing plans, or our strengths in advertising on Google and social media, or our focus on data and ROI tracking.

So we overhauled it.  After a lot of thoughtful planning, is now search engine optimized for our current capabilities, with fresh messaging that accurately reflects our service areas and industry-specific knowledge in healthcare, economic development, corporate and small business marketing.  If you browse the site, you’ll notice a strong focus on online leads generation, with focused calls-to-action on every page.  We’re also conducting regular analytics reviews and making ongoing tweaks and adjustments.

Step one… identify the problems

If you’re looking to maximize your website as a marketing and sales tool, we’d recommend the same approach.

Here are questions to ask looking at your own site:

  • Does my website reflect our company or organization’s current market positioning?
  • Does it fully reflect our capabilities and services?
  • Is the website mobile-responsive? Search engine optimized?
  • Think like a customer. Is it easy to find the information you need?
  • Are there clear calls-to-action on every page that promote leads? Are there multiple ways (phone, email, form) for people to engage?
  • Are there crosslinks to a company blog, team profiles, or an e-newsletter sign-up? Are you making it easy for people to learn more about you as they explore?

Step two… start fixing them

Did you answer no to any of these questions?  It’s probably time for a website upgrade.  You may not even need a full redevelopment; just a homepage refresh.  Or maybe you need a few updates to enhance site functionality for leads – like text edits or added calls-to-action.

If you need some help, Red Sage offers an exclusive Website Performance Audit designed to identify improvement areas on an existing website.  We can also help with an overhaul, upgrades or updates.  Just give us a call at 256.560.0098 or email, and we’ll help you get started!

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