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I have a website, now what?!


If you’ve taken Heather’s advice in her last blog, 3 Reasons Why Your Website is not Enough, you may be wondering where to start now. Here are three business development tools that almost every business should have in addition to their website:

1. A Leave Behind

This piece is pretty much what it says it is. It is a print piece that you “leave behind” with a prospect after you have finished your presentation. This piece can be in the form of a detailed capabilities brief or a simple overview flyer.

2. Professionally-Designed Stationery

Now this may seem a little reactive as opposed to proactive. In most cases, you probably purchased stationery when you designed your logo. However, this is how you use it to promote business. Now that you met with the prospect and left additional information, you can send them a thank you note on your professionally-designed stationery with your website, just in case they need a reminder. 🙂

3. Email Newsletter

Finally, I recommend a professionally-designed email newsletter. I say this for many reasons. First, once it is designed, you can change the message yourself. This can be used for sales messages, to showcase corporate culture, or new products. Secondly, many times, email newsletters may make it to decision makers whereas traditional print collateral may not. Lastly, this is the quickest way to reach your audience in the event you have to get a message out quickly and do not have time to put together a direct mail campaign.

Get Started Now

I hope that I have given you some additional tools to consider. If you do decide, that you would like to pursue any of these items, I happen to know an excellent graphic designer/art director/recipient of all things free… (Mark Moore) who would be happy to assist you. Simply contact his agent (i.e. me) to arrange a meeting.



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