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Keep it Short-n-Sweet


How much is too much? Less is more. White space is your friend. All things we say to our customers at one time or another. But really…how much is too much on your website?

We’ve got folks around here that do a great job designing your website to make it attractive. And we’ve got folks to help you organize your content into a workable site map and menu structure. Then there’s the web part where the rubber meets the road, and we take the design and content, put them into Joomla, and call it a website.

Most of the time this is pretty straight forward — but there are times when we have customers that want to put LOTS of information on one page in a paragraph format and it turns out to be a very long, (we’re talking long like the Mississippi River) scrolling page.

Pages with lots of textual content in paragraph form can be hard to digest and are often bypassed by readers. Shortening your content and finding ways to make it a quick, easy read can help boost your readership. One way we do this is when your content is being gathered and written, we’ll divide it into sub sections with headings, short paragraphs, and bullet lists.

If there’s not a good way to break it down and shorten it, we’ll put it into what’s called an accordion or a set of tabs that scroll. This means when your site visitor looks at the page they see a small amount of text in the view and can click tabs to see the exact content they’re looking for, as opposed to reading through a long, long, long (are you hearing me?), long page of paragraphs to look for what they want.

Always begin with the end in mind when it comes to web content — remember the site is supposed to get a potential customer’s attention and make them want to know more so they’ll contact you for the real details, which gives you an opportunity to wow them with your expertise!

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