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Mighty Morphin Powerful Logos and their Hidden Symbolism


I’m sure you’re wondering why this blog post has anything to do with a 90’s childhood delight. Well, if you’ve ever watched the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the story is pretty simple. A group of kids are secret super hero ninjas that ‘Morph’ right before your very eyes to kick the booties of the evil minions of Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd (yes, I am a huge nerd and I’m super proud of it).

Much as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers would morph before our eyes when we were kids, some logos have been designed to show two completely different images, symbolism, and in a way ‘Morph’ into two different images. Some logos are easier to distinguish than others, and some are so cleverly placed that they have eluded us for decades. Are you ready to have your mind blown?

Baskin Robins


Growing up, my mother would always call Baskin Robins ’31 flavors’. She never called it Baskin Robins. This of course was the result of excellent marketing and branding. 31 flavors is actually Baskin Robins’ slogan. Have you noticed the #31 hiding in their latest logo?

The Bronx Zoo

Bronx Zoo

This logo is truly a negative space gem. At first we notice the giraffes and birds, but take a second look and you’ll see the outline of New York City between the legs of both giraffes. #mindblown



This one definitely got me! We can definitely see the smiling face, but did you also notice the face functions as the ‘G’ in Goodwill text? That’s one sneaky ‘G’!


nbc logo peacock

A long time ago, NBC was known as the ‘Peacock Network’. Take a closer look. See how the negative space acts as the neck and head of the peacock? Each color of its tail represents a division within NBC. The peacock is also facing the right to show that the television network is looking toward the future.


Toblerone Logo e

Look closely at the mountain. Did you spot a bear? Toblerone’s logo incorporates a bear in texture and negative space of the mountain. The bear symbolizes where the chocolate company originates: Bern, Switzerland. Bern is also known as the City of Bears.

Le Tour De France

tour de france logo

This logo actually contains the image of a cyclist. Can’t see it? Look at the ‘R’ in ‘Tour’. The cyclist is bent over with the orange circle symbolizing the front tire. The orange circle could also symbolize the sun, as the event starts in the morning.

Spartan Golf Club

spartan logo

Lastly we have the Spartan Golf Club logo. This one truly takes the gold! Initially we see a golfer completing his swing. However, when we take a closer look, we see the profile of a Spartan warrior. The negative and positive space is used masterfully with this logo.

Food for Thought

I’m sure by now you’re wondering why I’m showing you this and why it’s important. Well, beautiful logo design is important, but it’s even more important that your logo is unique to your message and brand. Baskin Robins didn’t add the #31 to their logo because they thought it would look cool. They added it to their logo because it signifies the 31 signature flavors that they offer. The same can be said about the other logos I’ve shown you.

Have these logos inspired you? Looking to brand your new business? Check out Ellen’s post, A Quick Roadmap to Branding Your Business. Still not sure where to start? Need a Mighty Morphin Powerful logo? Give us a call at 256.560.0098 today!

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