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My 10,000 Steps New Year's Resolution for Life and Business


I am not typically one to make New Year’s Resolutions, but since the timing on my latest challenge works out so nicely, I guess I will this year. I asked for (and received) a pedometer for Christmas, after hearing about the 10,000 steps a day recommendation from my daughter’s Girl Scout leader (thanks Joan!). I want to be aware of how many steps I am taking and aim to take 10,000 a day from now on as a way to make sure my activity level is increased past what my normal sedentary life would allow.

My first test day logged 3,500 steps on my normal daily routine – pretty sobering but apparently quite typical for the average inactive American. I have since logged 10,000 steps per day for the past four days and am actually finding this an achievable goal – if I am willing to park farther away from every destination and take the long way around the office on bathroom breaks, etc. I have also been known to take 15 – 20 minutes walking around the house at night to make my step goal.

Why am I doing this? I hate exercise. I love the fact that I can get used to being more active without having to get on the treadmill or go workout at the gym. Choosing to walk a slightly longer path every time I get out of my chair seems easier mentally than preparing to walk 3 miles on a treadmill. At a minimum, it will be easier to maintain my weight, but hopefully, this will also end up resulting in some weight loss. Hopefully.

A business improvement plan should work much the same way. At Red Sage, we typically do a little bit every week to improve the way we do business. Like, the 10,000 steps walking challenge, improving the way you do business is easier if it becomes a normal daily routine, part of everything you do. Our company retreat is coming up in January, and we will be naming our big rock goals for the year (see my other blog article on strategic planning about this) but we will achieve these goals through 10,000 tiny little steps that help us get better every day.

So join me in this challenge! Take 10,000 steps in your personal life and your business in 2014 and achieve your goals!

Happy New Year from all of us at Red Sage!


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