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It's Only Words on a Page – Right?


Or in the words of The Rolling Stones – It’s Only Rock & Roll – But I like it! 

We can help your website’s visitors LIKE what they see on the page and interact with it more!

Here at Red Sage, we build websites for a lot of different types of companies and organizations.  That means lots of different types of content.  If your content turns into one looooong page of text – often times your site visitors won’t bother to read it all. 

Taking that content and making it easy to find, read, and use is one of our specialties.  We try and take your content and make it interesting to look at, but also easy for your site’s visitors to find the information they need, and sometimes we make it interactive. 

So how does that work exactly?  Well, we all know that short paragraphs and bulleted lists are easier to read online than a giant paragraph. And it has become even more critical in today’s web world where sites are viewed on handheld devices more often than on desktops or even laptops. But what do you do when you have a lot to say about several different topics or services you offer?  Here are a few options:


An accordion takes your content and breaks out into click and expand boxes.  This is also a fantastic solution for “Frequently Asked Questions” as you can make the Question the title on the tab and place the answer in the expanding area.  


Here are some examples using some of my fav music! 

(For the record, I’d like to point out I’ve seen all but about four of these bands live.)

Tabs & Slides

This method places the subheadings of your content down the side or along the top so that you can switch between different sets of information easily.  This works great if you have sections with short titles that will fit into the space allowed by a tab.

Top three songs from some of my favorite bands – the tabs can be along the top or down the side:

Tabs on the side

Tabs along the top

So now that you’ve traveled back in time a bit with me for some great music (I was getting psyched for the Van Halen concert the night I wrote this!) that’s a couple years old – ok, ok, a couple decades old…oh wait, this is totally off the topic. Back to the web stuff…now that you can see a couple of examples of ways to break your content out and make it more interesting, easier-to-navigate and possibly interactive, take a look at your website. Is there content there that could benefit from a little sprucing?  If so, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help out!

And, so that you can enjoy a little of what I did after finishing my blog, I’ll leave you with a little VH with Diamond Dave happiness from 1984 (the Album Title & the year). 


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