Better Colors With This Primer

So you’ve spent an hour at the home improvement store looking at hundreds of paint swatches. You pick the perfect color, buy a gallon of paint, and rush home for a few hours of DIY. Then just as you step back to appreciate your hard work, you realize that perfect golden hue you selected, once on your walls under natural sunlight, looks like a less-appealing...

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The Importance of a Great Portrait

David Higginbotham If you own a landscape company you will likely notice the weeds and wild monkey grass in front of my house. If you own an obedience school for pets you will probably be unable to ignore me as I chase the dog around my neighborhood. If you are an english teacher you might find it difficult to continue reading this article. So, being...


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Designing for the Right Audience

Drew McDowell Know your audience. It’s the first thing they teach you in English comp 101, yet it’s the most important lesson I ever learned. Its value, not just in writing, but in any creative process, can’t be overstated. In order to educate, entertain, or entice your target market in the most effective way, you have to identify and relate to ...

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The Importance of Networking

As a Business Development Associate, networking is a huge part of my job. Oftentimes, the importance of networking is overlooked. However, I once had a great manager tell me “People do business with you because they like and trust you.” The question to follow up on that statement is “How do you get people to like and trust you?” The answer is get...


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Do you need a mobile app or a new website?

Lately there’s been a lot of discussion around the Red Sage Global Headquarters (ok, it’s just 2nd Avenue in Decatur – but when Hoops & Yoyo include you in their video tribute to coffee – you’re global!) about the best way to make the sites we build mobile friendly. Currently we have a couple of options, building the customer’s website and...


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A Smart SEO Start

“How do I show up on the first page of the Google search results?” This is one of the most common questions that I get asked and there is never an easy answer. With the recent changes from Google, the answer has become even more complicated. It’s like asking someone how to win at poker. While search engine optimization requires...

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White Space is Your Friend

You’ve all seen the TV show Hoarders where people’s homes are overrun with newspapers, odds and ends, empty food containers, and sometimes dead animals collected over several years. The thought of it disgusts and shocks viewers. And sometimes inspires us to do some spring-cleaning.

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Are You Using the Right Web Browser?

Drew McDowell Quick, what internet browser are you using to read this blog post? And don’t tell me it’s Netscape! If you’ve never bothered to notice the icon you click every day to get to Facebook, take heed. The internet is a colossal, wonderful, and potentially dangerous place, which is why it’s so important to ensure you’re using a modern web...


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The SEO Game has Changed

For the longest time, the big buzz word in search engine optimization (otherwise known as SEO) has been keywords. To optimize your site, you did keyword research, worried about keyword density (the number of times a keyword appears in the content), and hoped you had optimized for those keywords correctly so that Google would place you at the top...


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