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Remember the MTV show, Pimp My Ride – where they take an old, tired looking car and customize it with everything under the sun? Have you ever purchased something and knew you would be making improvements to it down the road? Could be a house or a car – for me it’s Lita. Lita is my Mustang convertible – I’ve wanted a Mustang convertible since I was in elementary school and after battling the beast that is cancer last year I decided it was time to get the bucket list car. I found her in Leavenworth, KS (yes, THAT Leavenworth – where Johnny Cash performed for prisoners in 1970), flew there on a Saturday morning and drove her home. I have a list of upgrades she’ll be getting in the coming months to spruce her up a bit.

Just like Lita, your website can get a spruce up. A lot of our customers come to us and request a basic site, particularly new businesses that are just getting started. What they may forget over time is that we can add new features to their site later on. So to give you an idea of some of the new features that are available, step into my showroom:


Lifestream is a component that can pull all of your social media posts into one page. It looks a lot like Facebook’s Timeline view.
See an example.

Flickr Photo Galleries

We can add photo galleries to your site that will pull your photo sets from Flickr and push them out to your website. Often this is easier for a customer manager because Flickr and the component do all the hard work for you.
See an example.

Google Calendar

Another one of our favorite components will take the events from you Google Calendar and push them out to your website in different configurations. It can be shown as a list of upcoming events (GREAT for the home page) or you can show a Calendar view.
See an example of the list view.
See an example of the calendar view.

Video Galleries

This may be one of my favorite extensions – This will take your YouTube play lists and turn them into a neat, organized video gallery. It offers many options as far as layout so there’s something to fit every site. If you have some videos that promote your business and are looking for a good way to display them on your website this could be your solution.
See an example.

So when you think your site needs a little window dressing – give us a call to discuss options and let us Pimp Your Site!


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