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Poké blog Part Two: What does Pokémon Go mean for my business?


How can Pokémon Go benefit your business? Well, if you read up on the game in our last blog post or if you already know a thing or two, then you know that there are stations in the game called Poké stops. 

PokeBlog Graphic1
This blog? Poké stop.

These stations are scattered all around your city in or around popular places for people to visit. That popular restaurant? Poké stop. Your local theater? Poké stop. Those rocks at your local park everyone thinks look like seals (I kid you not)? Poké stop. Your own business may very well be a Poké stop. And if you are one or have one near you, then it’s your lucky day!

Now, these places are already pretty popular for players looking to restock on some pokéballs and potions, but if you want to draw even more people, then you need to get your hands on some lure modules.

(And customers!)

You may remember me mentioning before that Poké stops can be used to draw out Pokémon, now let me explain. Lure modules are items in the game that you attach to Poké stops to draw in nearby Pokémon. These last for half an hour and are visible to everyone playing the game when activated. People will flock from wherever they are just to cash in on the influx of Pokémon, and businesses everywhere are using them for just this purpose.

One pizzeria in Queens has used these modules to draw in players and boosted their shop’s business by 75 percent in just a few days. Downtown areas are coming together to bring in food trucks and set off modules at the same time to astounding results. Restaurants and retail stores are offering discounts for players and advertising their status as poke stops (Pokémon being for paying customers only, of course).

pokemon offer 

So how do you get these magical miracle modules? Well, if you’re not interested in playing and earning them along the way, you can buy them. For how much you ask? Well-

PokeBlog Graphic2 

As you can see, one module costs you just one dollar. Which means you could have the masses at your doorstep for almost nothing! According to this article by, some businesses promise to set off a module for a certain amount of sales while some set them off everyday at a certain time.

But what do you think? Is it worth a try? Some businesses certainly seem to think so!

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