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Red Sage Communications, Inc. Web Development Team the Focus of Latest Industry Leading Website Security Podcast

Decatur & Huntsville, AL — The highly experienced website developers behind-the-scenes at award-winning Red Sage Communication, Inc. recently joined the hosts of the nationally acclaimed Hot Air podcast from Watchful to lend their expertise in a discussion on the ever-changing cybersecurity and website development arena.

The podcast developers asked Senior Web Designer Teresa Smith and website security and update guru Jennifer Marriott to join the discussion because of their positions as market leaders in the web development field and website security administration.

Founded in 2006, Red Sage Communications, Inc. built a reputation early on for delivering stellar, forward-thinking, and reliable website development. The company continues to grow while providing the same level of attention to detail they are well-known in the Southeastern region. They are the first to tell you the secret to the company’s continued success can be found in the processes Red Sage has built and the vendors they work alongside.

“We just have a very robust system in place, that is vital for keeping our sites stable and functioning,” Smith told podcast hosts, Steve Burge and Vick Drover.

The Red Sage team relies on Watchful and its user-friendly dashboard to manage websites. Watchful provides a single place to view and monitor site updates, backups, and even PHP versions. Watchful is a valuable tool that is recognized throughout the WordPress and Joomla platform communities.

The pair explained how logging into websites and individually applying software updates is time-consuming and error-prone and that is why they rely on Watchful to apply the newest updates. Being able to login to a single dashboard, view all your sites in a list view, and see which ones have updates available is a huge time saver. Moreover, the ability to click a button in the dashboard and apply the updates to the site from a single place is a game-changer when you are managing a large number of sites. This tool and process is, saving clients’ money and freeing up the Red Sage website development team to continue to push the envelope on design with innovative content.

“Using a product like Watchful, allows us to set up our backup system, make sure they are pushing out to storage on Amazon storage,” Marriott says. “In the event, something goes wrong, we are fully prepared to be successful in recovery.”

Smith credits Red Sage Founder and President Ellen Didier for continuing to grow the company with innovative products that help clients grow their own businesses despite bumps in the economic road along the way, including the current Covid-19 situation.

“The secret to our success in producing high-quality websites starts with our incredible team, from our marketing coordinators who work with clients on content and planning, and our programming and support team led by Teresa and Jenny, to the long-term relationships we have built with support partners such as Watchful.” said Ellen Didier.

Didier founded Red Sage Communications, Inc. in 2006.  The Huntsville-area marketing company is headquartered in Decatur, Alabama.  The award-winning, full-service marketing and creative communications agency have a client base spanning 13 states across the Southeast.  Red Sage prides itself on providing strategic, results-oriented solutions for government entities, corporations, small businesses, communities, and organizations of all sizes.

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