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Red Sage Is Excited to Announce Our Certification as a Google Partner Agency

For over a decade, Red Sage has been successfully managing digital marketing campaigns through Google Ads for a number of our clients in a myriad of industries. In the last several years, we have put a greater emphasis on our digital marketing capabilities; improving our internal and external campaign setup and management processes, investing significant time in training and knowledge of the platform use and best practices and growing the breadth and depth of the types of campaigns we are capable of managing for our clients. Thanks in large part to this investment in time, personnel, and resources, we have succeeded in delivering excellent results for our clients, helping them expand the reach and impact of their marketing efforts and grow their audiences, market shares, and bottom lines. We are consistently meeting and exceeding digital advertising benchmarks (including search, display, and video ads) across a number of industries, from legal and industrial services to medical and tourism/hospitality campaigns. As an agency, we are proud of the excellent results we have delivered for our clients with the metrics of some of our top-performing campaigns, including click-through rates (CTR), impression/audience share, video views, and conversions well above industry benchmarks.  We have seen KPIs such as CTR into the 20% – 30% for our client’s campaigns in competitive industries like Medical Services and Tourism.  Furthermore, we maintain an 80 – 100% optimization score for all accounts we manage, giving our clients a competitive edge when advertising in a crowded field.

Today, Red Sage can announce that we have further enhanced the digital marketing services offered to our clients through our certification as a Google Partner Agency. Our Google Partner certification means that we are afforded exclusive benefits from Google Ads, including enhanced campaign support, additional training, insights, and reporting tools.

About the Google Partners Program

Google Partners is a marketing program for advertising agencies that manage Google Ads accounts on behalf of other brands or businesses. The Google Partners program is active in over 60 countries and is available in 43 languages.

The Google Partners program was launched to provide Partners with exclusive tools, resources, and support to enable them to grow to help their clients succeed. Google maintains a close working relationship with partner agencies to help them and their clients thrive and make the most of Google’s marketing products and solutions.

In order to qualify as a Google Partner, an agency must meet several requirements:

  • They must consistently manage at least $10,000 in ad spend quarterly.
  • They must maintain a minimum 70% optimization score on all accounts they maintain for their clients.
  • They must have a certain percentage of specialists on staff who are highly trained on the Google Ads Platform and best practices (having achieved three or more Google Ads certifications every year).

Red Sage’s Google Partner Certification means that we can serve our clients with a greater level of support and insight. Additionally, it gives our clients the confidence that they are working with an agency that has gained the trust of Google to represent their brand by proving that we know the platform inside and out and that we have a level of knowledge of digital advertising methods, strategy, and best practice that goes beyond what non-partner agencies can offer.

Please get in touch with us to learn more about Red Sage’s Digital Marketing Services or to begin working with us today.

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