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Red Sage Marketing Coordinator becomes Facebook Blueprint Certified!

Red Sage Facebook Blueprint Certified

Decatur & Huntsville, AL – Whether you’re boosting an organic post or creating a social media campaign on Facebook, it can be challenging. Considering the right platform, creative element, audience, delivery time, and budget allotment is imperative to securing your ROI on social media advertising. With new ad types, target audiences, and rules continuously introduced, staying ahead of the curve is vital to running a successful campaign. That’s why Red Sage Marketing Coordinator, Ashley McCurley, received her Facebook Blueprint professional certification. Her goal was to become an expert on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger – so clients don’t have to.

What does it take to become Facebook Blueprint certified?

“Facebook Blueprint is essentially Facebook for Business’ version of a collegiate degree in Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger advertising. After 90+ hours of coursework, and a rigorous hour and a half exam, earning this certification adds to Red Sage’s portfolio of capabilities and expertise, setting us apart from many other agencies in North Alabama… Something of which I’m genuinely proud to be a part of,” says McCurley.

As a Facebook Blueprint Certified Digital Marketing Associate, McCurley now has the foundational knowledge needed to execute a successful strategic, paid social media marketing initiative across Facebook’s ever-evolving platforms.

“When Ashley came to Red Sage, much of her prior experience was in B2B and B2C social media content development and management. So, it was a no-brainer when she came to us to further her knowledge in social media by becoming Facebook Blueprint certified. Ashley manages several client social media accounts and is continuously putting her newfound expertise to use by driving undeniable results through social media marketing and advertising,” says Red Sage President, Ellen Didier.

To learn more about Red Sage’s social media marketing and advertising offerings, click here.

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