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Saying Hi Without Trying to Make a Sale


Customer service isn’t just one of the things we focus on at Red Sage – it’s the only thing. A lot of places say they go above and beyond normal customer service, and many of them probably do.

In my time as a business development associate for Red Sage, I’ve had people thank me for simply answering my phone. And while that’s great, I want them to know they can depend on me for bigger things.  I want them to know that I am their partner rather than just another vendor.

At Red Sage, we believe that it’s not simply enough to have an excellent vendor/client relationship. We prefer to form actual friendships and partnerships with our customers, instead. We don’t just say we treat clients like friends and family – we really do.

We buy candy and send hand-written thank you cards at the end of big projects. We promote our customers and refer others to them as often as possible. We invite them to lunches and other events. We volunteer time and services. We acknowledge life events: births, deaths, weddings. We recognize individual achievements – and don’t even demand they share their cookie cake. (Okay, so maybe in that respect we don’t treat them like family!)

But what really makes me know that our customer service at Red Sage stands out from the crowd is when I have to tell a customer we can’t do a project and instead refer them to someone else who will, and will do it well. Not only do we always get a “thank you” for that, but they come back to us, again and again. That’s how I know it’s all these little things that really count.

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