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Color: Psychology + Cultural Meaning

Ever wonder why most spas choose blue for their interiors? Have you ever felt anxious in a room with yellow walls? Have you noticed how most restaurants use reds in their logos and branding? Coincidence? Think again! These colors have been meticulously chosen based on their studied, psychological influence. Ever heard of Chromotherapy? Several ancient cultures practiced this in order to stimulate parts of the mind and body, and this kind of treatment is still being used today! Now, let’s look at some of our favorite colors, how they are used in marketing, their psychological effect, and how they are perceived in cultures familiar and foreign!

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Finding Our Niche: Developing target markets The Story of Red Sage, Chapter 4

When I first wrote my business plan in 2006, finding a target market was a big piece of my plan. I knew that specializing in an industry would make sales and marketing more efficient as efforts could be very tightly focused on reaching that single audience and would allow me to develop specialized services and/or products to serve that market and further differentiate Red Sage as an expert. I had no idea which industry I wanted to specialize in but I developed criteria that would help me stay focused on looking for opportunities to help me identify this market.

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Cooking up Corporate Campaigns

Today we’re going to take a peek into the world of corporate campaigns. These huge projects are carefully planned, cooked, and served with the utmost care. So how do we cook up these campaigns? Is there a secret ingredient in creating them? Let me try to give you an idea with the following recipe:

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All Aboard: Getting New Brand Buy-In

Written by Guest Blogger Katie Woods

Mark’s recent blog post, Branding Leads to Top-of-Mind Awareness, reminded us that a company’s logo and slogan carry a lot of weight to customers. He visited several long-time successful brands that stay memorable and relevant. Companies like these teach us that branding should not be taken lightly. If you are establishing a new company or are ready to rebrand an existing company, there are many factors to consider, including design and messaging that will resonate with target audiences and stakeholders.

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