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Six Steps to Content Marketing Success

While I am not a huge fan of “buzz words,” content marketing is more than just a hot topic right now, it’s a strategic plan. We hear it all the time: Content Marketing is the new way of marketing, but that exactly does that mean? A basic description of content marketing is using content and storytelling that is relevant to your audience as your primary marketing tactics. Oftentimes content marketing refers to a combination of blog posts, website content, videos, social media, and much more. Our blog post, “What is content marketing and why should you care about it” goes into full detail about what content marketing is, so check that out if you’re new to the content marketing discussion.

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Social Media Content Calendars: What, Why and How

We’ve all been there. It’s first thing Monday morning and you’re staring blankly at a stark white document on your computer screen with the title “This week’s social media posts,” and all those great ideas you had while you were in the shower this morning are now absent from your brain and you are left with a wordless document. Again. For the third week in a row. So you do one of two things: scramble to produce social media posts for your numerous platforms that are not well thought out and don’t support your content marketing strategy or don’t post anything at all and leave your social media followers with nothing but silence, neither option being a good choice.

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