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Get a Response with a Responsive Website

Drew McDowell Unless you’re a web design nerd (like me) you probably have no idea what “responsive web design” means. However, you may notice that more and more of the sites you visit every day are embracing this technology. And it could be the key to getting your customers’ attention. In a nutshell, responsive websites automatically and dynamically...

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The Science Behind Great Web Design – Part I

Drew McDowell Your website provides potential customers with a first impression of your business. While you no doubt know how important first impressions are when meeting people, you may be surprised to learn, when it comes to your website, first impressions are made extremely quickly, are hugely influenced by design, and have far-reaching implications...

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Better Colors With This Primer

So you’ve spent an hour at the home improvement store looking at hundreds of paint swatches. You pick the perfect color, buy a gallon of paint, and rush home for a few hours of DIY. Then just as you step back to appreciate your hard work, you realize that perfect golden hue you selected, once on your walls under natural sunlight, looks like a less-appealing...

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White Space is Your Friend

You’ve all seen the TV show Hoarders where people’s homes are overrun with newspapers, odds and ends, empty food containers, and sometimes dead animals collected over several years. The thought of it disgusts and shocks viewers. And sometimes inspires us to do some spring-cleaning.

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