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3 Tips for Using Analytics for Your Business

3 tips for using analytics for your business

Have you ever logged into Google Analytics and been overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information at your fingertips? Or been given an excel spreadsheet of customer data and not known what to do with it? At Red Sage, we are digging into Data Analytics and what it can mean for our clients. These 3 tips will help you use analytics for your business.

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Responsive Design: Why you need it and how to do it.

So you’ve designed a website and its perfect. It’s informative, it’s innovative, and it looks pretty spiffy on a computer screen if you do say so yourself. Yes, you’ve really outdone yourself but it’s 2016, my friend. Computers come in all shapes and sizes and in just about any electronic you can think of. Not only does your site have to look good on desktop screens, it has to look good on large screens, small screens, tablets, mobile phones, televisions, car monitors, watches- the list is ever growing and it’s important that you keep up. Not only will Google look over your site in favor of those with responsive designs, but people will too. More searches in the US take place on mobile devices than on desktop computers nowadays and 74% of people will leave an unresponsive site.

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The Wide World of SEO, or: How to make friends with a search engine

So, you’ve just launched your new website, its thoughtful and engaging and the design is absolutely on point. Now, all you have to do is sit back and watch your target audience flock in droves to this online mecca into which you have poured your time (and money). Every day you check your Google Analytics, but you start to notice a distressing trend: no one is visiting your site! You may have a few visits a day (at least one of which is yourself, or someone in your organization). Sure, there was that one day when, to your delight, you opened your Analytics report to see a spike of over a thousand visitors, only to discover they were all spam after seeing they originated from somewhere in the Russian Federation. Obviously, your website isn’t meeting the lofty goals you envisioned when you launched it.

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6 Social Media Tools Worth Trying this Month

Social Media changes so quickly that I can’t keep up, and it’s my job! So for those of you who are working tirelessly to create a business and social media is a secondary or part-time assignment for you, it’s impossible to stay up-to-date on new trends, tools and ideas to make your social media platforms stand out against your competitors. That is what we are here for! Here at Red Sage, we are constantly searching for new tools and new ideas to help our clients create social media success, but more than that, we find those tools, test them out and decide if they are valuable enough to recommend them to others.

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Six Steps to Content Marketing Success

While I am not a huge fan of “buzz words,” content marketing is more than just a hot topic right now, it’s a strategic plan. We hear it all the time: Content Marketing is the new way of marketing, but that exactly does that mean? A basic description of content marketing is using content and storytelling that is relevant to your audience as your primary marketing tactics. Oftentimes content marketing refers to a combination of blog posts, website content, videos, social media, and much more. Our blog post, “What is content marketing and why should you care about it” goes into full detail about what content marketing is, so check that out if you’re new to the content marketing discussion.

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Finding Our Niche: Developing target markets The Story of Red Sage, Chapter 4

When I first wrote my business plan in 2006, finding a target market was a big piece of my plan. I knew that specializing in an industry would make sales and marketing more efficient as efforts could be very tightly focused on reaching that single audience and would allow me to develop specialized services and/or products to serve that market and further differentiate Red Sage as an expert. I had no idea which industry I wanted to specialize in but I developed criteria that would help me stay focused on looking for opportunities to help me identify this market.

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8 Fresh FREE Fonts to Replace those Overused Ones

While it can be tempting to use the same old familiar font over and over again, why not freshen up that company newsletter, PowerPoint, or memo with a fresh, new, and best of all, FREE font? While some prefer to stick with the typical fonts pre-installed on your computer, others are unaware of the free ones just waiting to be used! Now don’t go crazy. Just because they are free doesn’t mean you should use them without any additional thought. That’s why I’m here! I have hand-picked eight beautiful fonts for replacing those old crusty fonts like Times New Roman you have been using since the dawn of time. In addition, I will be showing you how and where it’s appropriate to use these fonts. Let’s get started!

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2007-2009: Learning to Walk The Story of Red Sage, Chapter 3

Moving into our first location and adding our first employees

In June of 2007, Red Sage graduated from a home-based business into a real company. (learn more about the birth of our company and our first year in business) We moved into our first location at 400 14th Street SE, Suite D, Decatur, which had four offices, a reception area, and a small conference room. Teresa joined the company full time at that point, and we added our first Marketing Coordinator, Heather Thompson. Business had continued to grow to the point that I needed someone to work directly with customers managing projects as well as provide writing services for web and print work.

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Print vs. Online: Where to Spend Your Advertising Dollars

Most of our marketing customers come to us with very specific budgets they have allocated for advertising. Often, this leads to us making recommendations of how to allocate their dollars in the most effective way. And one of the questions we often get is, “Does traditional marketing still work, or should I be putting all of my money into online advertising?”

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