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In Support of Unplugging

I recently had a conversation with a local media professional about personal use of social media – Facebook and Twitter in particular – when one also handles social media accounts for one or multiple companies. I mentioned that I do not have a personal Twitter account. To say she was shocked might be an understatement.

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How to Use Google Analytics

How to Use Google Analytics The amount of information and options available in Google Analytics, a free web analytics and tracking and reporting tool, can be overwhelming. Since we provide Google Analytics training as part of our web development services, we have learned how to boil it down to its essence. Below are some of the basics, tricks, and...

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Get a Response with a Responsive Website

Drew McDowell Unless you’re a web design nerd (like me) you probably have no idea what “responsive web design” means. However, you may notice that more and more of the sites you visit every day are embracing this technology. And it could be the key to getting your customers’ attention. In a nutshell, responsive websites automatically and dynamically...

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Staying Relevant within Disruptive Industry Change

I often think back to when I started Red Sage back in 2006, and note how different the tools of marketing are today compared to back then. I started Red Sage in a traditional, well-established industry. While the internet had certainly made an impact and websites were a fairly new development but quite common, the other tools of marketing were largely...

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Do you need a mobile app or a new website?

Lately there’s been a lot of discussion around the Red Sage Global Headquarters (ok, it’s just 2nd Avenue in Decatur – but when Hoops & Yoyo include you in their video tribute to coffee – you’re global!) about the best way to make the sites we build mobile friendly. Currently we have a couple of options, building the customer’s website and...


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