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The Basics


Often times when I meet with new companies, I am asked “What do I need to get started?” This is kind of a broad question. However, I think that we have pretty well established a toolbox of “basics”. When planning and reviewing your upcoming marketing efforts there are a few things that need to be made a priority.


If you are a startup company, you obviously need a logo. Your logo needs to be fully developed and available in a variety of formats. Logos are used on so many different items, from checks to outdoor signage. So, having this available in a vector format is important. You might also take this opportunity to develop a brand usage guide to ensure that proper colors and formats are always used.

Mission Statement / Elevator Pitch

If your brand is established, and you are looking for new marketing material there are a few items that you might find useful. For example, a strong mission statement always helps to guide your messaging. What do you want to say about your company? This may be reviewed every few years to ensure that it is still pertinent.

Professional Photos

Another, “tool” is professional photos of your leadership team and bios. Often times this is required for proposals. However, leadership photos and bios are a great addition to your website.


If you are looking to develop a new website, there are some unique items that you might find helpful. First, who owns your domain? When is it up for renewal? Do you have the log in information? This is a very important item. Also, consider your content. Who will be responsible for writing or providing content? By content, I mean verbiage and photos.

A Plan

Lastly, it always helps to have a roadmap. A twelve month marketing plan can take the stress and excessive time out of marketing decision making. It often helps to have an outside party come in facilitate a SWOT analysis. This allows you to step back and look at your company with a fresh perspective.

Of course this list is not inclusive, but at least now you have the basics from which to start building your marketing profile for your company. As always, Red Sage Communications would be honored to assist you with your marketing needs. So says the Business Development Associate.

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