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The Future's so Bright I've gotta wear shades


Ever wonder about the future of the web? More specifically the future of your website? If you do, then I’ve got an opportunity for you. If you don’t, no worries, we’ve got this. And yes, the title is another 80s reference – extra points if you can name the artist!

Next week I’ll be travelling to the Joomla World Conference in Boston. It’s one of the things we do here at Red Sage to stay up to speed on what’s happening in the world of Joomla websites. This is the second Annual edition of the conference and last year’s was very informative and helpful.

Joomla is the software we use to build 99% of the websites we build, and it’s open source software, meaning the original source code is freely available to anyone that wants it. The folks that build the software and make the changes are a team of volunteers from all over the world who collaborate for the good of the project. This conference will bring together the programmers, developers, and end-users in a way that benefits all involved.

As an end-user of the product we can tell the developers and core software programmers what features we’d like to see going forward and make suggestions for the way the product functions. We’ll also be able to tell them which things don’t seem to be functioning well or maybe aren’t as user-friendly as they could be.

What we get back from the programmers is an update on the road map. As you can imagine website software and the way it works changes at a very rapid pace. A few short years ago no one was accessing the web using a telephone or a tablet, and now that’s the way the web is most often accessed. This conference will give the core software programmers the opportunity to tell the rest of us what they’re working on and when we can expect big changes. And big changes matter! We host over 120 websites using Joomla and we need to know in advance when the next big thing will be available so we’re ready to move ASAP.

So here’s my challenge for you: if we host your website or you use Joomla for your site, what do you want to know regarding the future of your site? Are there features you wish were available? (Mine is that they make it un-hackable! Or at least add a tracer code that would revert back through the www and cause the hackers computer to self-destruct instantaneously. Somehow, I don’t think that’ll happen). I’d love to get answers to your questions as well as know more about what you wish your website could do.

With Joomla and the brilliant minds giving of their time and energy – the future really is bright! Now where’d I put my sunglasses?


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