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Top 4 ways to Kick Start your Marketing in 2015


Jumping into marketing your company at the start of the year can sometimes seem like a daunting task. Ellen has four ways you can kick start your marketing efforts this year.

1. Make sure your site is responsive – and update your content while you are at it.

Have you looked at your website lately? Does it automatically adapt to each device? It is time to update your site with responsive programming. Did you know that in most industries, mobile has now surpassed desktop in how websites are being accessed? It may be time to consider re-programming your site to make sure it is easily navigated on all devices.

While you are looking at your site’s navigability, you might want to take a look at your content. If you haven’t updated your content in a while you might be surprised at how much of it is outdated. Take some time to make sure all content accurately reflects your company.


2. Start paying to advertise on social media.

If you have a business page on Facebook, only a fraction of your followers are actually seeing your posts in their stream. Things will not get easier any time soon as Facebook recently announced that in 2015 it will be far more restrictive on what posts are shown by companies, eliminating any that are “overly promotional” in nature. It is still a good idea to promote non-promotional posts, but 2015 is also the year to start paying for Facebook advertising. Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest all offer paid advertising as well. The easiest way to reach the wide range of people who buy from you is to find them all online on social media. You now need to pay to make sure they are seeing you.

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3. Communicate with existing customers with an e-newsletter.

One of the top tips I share when I present to groups about marketing is to never forget your top target market – your existing customers. How can you stay in contact with them? E-newsletters are a great way to make sure you are showcasing specials, work you have done, an event, a featured service, or what is new. Make them text light, picture heavy, and easy to scan. Include links back to your website for more information to drive traffic.


4. Make marketing a priority – have a plan.

Most important of all, make 2015 the year marketing becomes part of your normal routine. Establish a monthly marketing meeting to talk about web updates, press releases, potential advertising, social media post topics, and other marketing activities. Marketing works best when there is a plan partnered with regular implementation.

Let Us Help Kick Off Your 2015 Marketing

Need an accountability partner to help you keep your focus while helping you align marketing activities with sales goals? We’d love to help! We work with many small businesses as their unofficial marketing team. Call us and we can help you succeed!

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