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Top Five Fierce Instagram Brands


Let’s face it, you either use Instagram religiously or know someone that does. Personally, I love Instagram – from the beautiful variety of filters to its video clip features, Instagram is a great way to connect visually. The interesting thing about Instagram is it is a very powerful tool for businesses. I not only follow my friends and family, but I also follow my favorite brands. Let me share with you my top five favorites:



Started in 2013, Vango is a website where fine artists can sell their original artwork. It’s very unique from other art websites because they offer a FREE app that allows buyers to see what an art piece will look like on their wall before they buy it. This is great feature as it is very important to many art buyers that the piece they are interested in will coordinate with their existing décor. More importantly, Vango is all about marketing their artists through email and social media, more specifically, Instagram. Every day they feature a piece of artwork for sale on their website. By placing focus on the artist, Vango’s brand becomes more than just a website that sells art, but presents itself as a community that is truly passionate about fine art. If you are an art lover like me or you want to sell your fine art online, this is a great Instagram account to follow!



To give a little background on Stitchfix, this company works like a box subscription service. After you create your account, you fill out a detailed profile about your taste in clothing, your size, style preference, and how much you want to spend. From this information, Stitchfix will send accessories and clothing according to your taste profile. This is great for ladies too busy to go shopping. For more information about how Stitchfix works, check out my personal blog post for details. On its Instagram account, Stitchfix posts new items that they receive on a daily basis. If you fall in love with any of the items they post, you can request from your stylist to receive it in your next box. Stitchfix uses Instagram to take a personalized experience to the next level.

Disney World

disney world

Yes, of course I’m going to put a Disney-related Instagram account on here! Of the many Disney Instagram accounts, I love this one for the theme park in Florida. Disney World’s Instagram is used in many different ways all geared toward interacting with park guests. Their account reposts images of guests at the park which plays heavily into Disneyland’s marketing strategy. It’s pretty brilliant. Ask yourself, “What do you find more appealing: A group of actors pretending to be a family having fun or photographs of a real family having a blast at Disney World?” Plus, it’s very nostalgic (at least for me). One photography campaign featured all the park guest images from that day being projected onto Cinderella’s castle during a show called ‘The Magic Memories and You!’ that would play at the end of each day. You can check it out below:



Started back in 2009, Kickstarter is a very popular crowdfunding site that has made many innovations and ideas a reality. If you haven’t heard of Kickstarter I’m sure you have heard of some of the many campaigns that were successfully funded by them: Ouya, Pebble Watch, and Coolest Cooler. In fact, give Kickstarter all the credit for bringing back the beloved Reading Rainbow to schools everywhere. Kickstarter uses Instagram to keep users updated on the latest projects. This is an interesting account to follow just because of the sheer variety of interesting content.

Unreal Engine


This account appeals more to my geeky side. Unreal Engine is a video game engine – which is to say it is what makes a video game functional. It controls the graphics, textures, animations, controls, triggers, etc. One reason I love Unreal Engine so much is the fact that they have helped make video game development open to all. A couple of years ago it was very difficult to create your own video game. Now, we see great indie games popping up all over due to the availability. Given the dedication and passion to learn the system, anyone can create their own video game very easily. They use Instagram uniquely to promote their software and developers. They might post new/upcoming features coming to Unreal Engine or, more importantly, post images promoting support of an upcoming indie video game in development.

Should you use Instagram?

Instagram is a great tool that brings customer interaction into business. Each of these companies uses Instagram in a very unique way that relates to specifically to their business and their audience. Need help finding that unique niche that connects you to your clients with Instagram? Let the experts at Red Sage give you a hand! Give us a call at 256.560.0098.

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