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Why Letting Experts Handle Social Media is a Good Thing


Craig Robinson

Guest blogger Craig Robinson explains why a roofer should roof and social media marketing should be left to the social media experts.

Advertising with social media can be a bit of a double-edged sword at times. At least this is the case if you’re a serious businessperson looking to invest a lot in your brand’s exposure and the growth of your business through social media. You see, social media makes advertising easy. You can even use organic methods and potentially develop a large audience. But there’s always more out there for you if only you know how to tap into the potential.

This is where having someone handle your advertising work for you may come in handy. Oh, so you’re thinking “But I know enough about Facebook to market on my own!” Well, this might actually be the case. Maybe you don’t need to outsource your social media marketing.

It could very well be that the Facebook marketing plan for your business that you have created is a winner. Then again, marketing on your own may just be eating into your wallet and stealing your clock. So if you’re not sure whether or not you should let the experts handle the marketing, here are five reasons that may sway your opinion.

5 Reasons to Outsource Social Media Marketing Tasks

1: Time Better Spent

Let’s be honest here. The older you get, the faster your perception of time gets. What you think is an hour of market research for ad development can end up taking an entire day. That’s an entire day’s worth of productivity down the drain. Couldn’t your time be better spent touching up product descriptions, researching competition, thinking of opt-in angles, and ultimately fine-tuning your brand’s image?

2: Yes, Your Experience Matters

As mentioned previously, you may be able to gain a nice head of stream through organic methods, paid postings, and other methods with little experience. But it has to nag at a businessperson that there’s always going to be untapped potential out there. Maybe there’s an angle you’re missing or a feature you’re not aware of. With your lack of experience, this is probably something that you’re never going to see. And if you don’t see it, you can’t implement it in your marketing campaign.

3: Let a Roofer Roof

If your roof is leaking and you go up there with no experience and no real idea about what you’re doing, the best you’re going to do is a subpar job, and the worst you’re going to do is fall of the roof and end up injured. Just as you should always let a roofer roof, you should let a marketer market. There are professionals out there to handle the burden of social media marketing. You still have your input. You still get to call the shots. But when it comes to the development and implementation of different strategies, the professionals can do it better.

4: Advertising is a Results-Based Venture

You’re not advertising solely to gain brand exposure, and you’re also not in the business of breaking even. For every dollar you invest, you want that to come back to you at least twofold, if not much more. A professional social marketing service will give you a better chance of ultimately earning a larger return on the investment you make.

5: New Skills Needed Consistently

Just when you have the hang of advertising with Facebook and using third-party management apps, some new update may come along and make having other skills a necessity. For example, do you know anything about Open Graph and how to use it to your advantage? Sure, knowing how to click “Promote Post” and figuring out how to split ad campaigns effectively is one thing, but learning an entire new skill is going to eat into your ROI tremendously – especially since “time” definitely counts as an investment.

Now, if you can read this article and still come away feeling that all you need is an ad-management app and a few tips to handle the marketing by yourself, then kudos – hats off to you. Not everyone is going to need to outsource their work.

However, if you’re reading this and realizing that time is precious, money is in too short a supply to risk with no real plan, and that Facebook’s changing landscape may ultimately render your work obsolete, then hiring a professional is probably the smartest business move you could make.



This article is written by Craig Robinson. He loves to write different topics about social media strategies and participates in some online communities. Aside writing for Qwaya – a tool for facebook advertising, he also works with social context and and engagement.You can also reach him through his twitter account here.


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